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I provide highly professional, independent directorship services to Luxembourg based corporate structures.

Recent years have highlighted the needs for higher levels of scrutiny and corporate governance. Independent director is desirable to be appointed to the board of directors and is key to good corporate governance.

My added value to your Board of Directors:


My clients benefit from my strong international experience, including know-how in working in a multicultural and multilingual environment combined with extensive practical experience in governance aspects for corporate structures subject to various regulatory frameworks.



I have a profound knowledge of Luxembourg regulatory regime. I am assisting my clients in understanding and adapting to a constantly evolving legal and regulatory framework and may act as the local contact point for the corporate structure’s Luxembourg service providers.



As an independent director I am in a position to challenge the decision-making process in a positive way as I am not tied to any particular stakeholder or service provider. Being outside of the networks of the current board, free of material influence, and autonomous from service providers I bring unbiased opinions regarding a company’s business.



A Luxembourg resident independent director is a strong element of local substance. Having a full-time Luxembourg resident acting as an independent director is an important factor that allows to build strong and efficient ties to the local financial industry, market actors and, if necessary, regulators.



I limit the number of mandates to ensure availability and timely response to my client’s needs and to minimise potential conflicts of interest.



I have an excellent network of fund and corporate services providers, custodian banks, lawyers, auditors, and suppliers.




I can also be engaged as a Consultant for international and Luxembourg-based clients.

Corporate Governance Consultancy

The aim of the consultancy service is to provide complementary advisory expertise and support. I am experienced in corporate governance, real estate & private equity deals, ESG, mergers & acquisitions, JV Agreements, investment funds and regulatory compliance.

Compliance Missions

I can assist Luxembourg ManCos or Fund’s Board of Directors with a limited shareholder base in complying with applicable AML/KYC rules and regulations by acting as the AML/CFT compliance officer (responsable du contrôle or RC). I am used to work and exchange with regulators on AML topics and am committed to implement their expectations.

Training & Workshops

I could help plan, conduct, and administer programs on corporate governance or compliance for board members, senior executives or team members.


Public speaker

Speaker at conferences, panels or as a keynote speaker.

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